CARLYLE, an unincorporated community of approximately 46 residents, is located four miles north of Iola. The town is one of Allen County’s oldest communities, founded in 1858 by Presbyterian settlers migrating from Ohio. The community has seen ups and downs since its founding, but it has primarily been a small village from the start.

Today Carlyle remains as a neat and well-maintained community of roughly 20 homes. In 2008 the community received a boost when it was added as a stop on the Prairie Spirit Rail Trail. The Carlyle station offers restrooms, a picnic area and parking adjacent to the trail on the former Santa Fe right-of-way.

Carlyle Township Population

Source: US Census Bureau; NOTE: The US Census does not report population data for the town of Carlyle; township data is the only data available.

Carlyle has a distinguished history of producing prominent Allen County residents, and it remains as one of the county’s attractive and quiet villages offering a more relaxed pace of living than what is available in a larger town. It is difficult to predict Carlyle’s future with any certainty, but with an attractive housing stock and its close proximity to shopping and restaurants, the town’s quiet nature should allow the community a chance to maintain its identity and existence for at least another generation.

Carlyle At a Glance
Population (2007)46*
Median Age (2000)
Residents with HS degree or higher
Median Household Income (1999)
Residents Under 5 years (2000)
Residents 18 years and older
Residents Aged 65 or older

*Sources: Thrive estimate based on 20 occupied homes with 2.31 persons per household; US Census Bureau estimate for Carlyle township