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Thrive Allen County and the City of Iola joined forces to develop a planning process to help shape the future of their community. The Vision Iola Initiative was created to build upon the City’s Comprehensive Plan and develop actionable items that could realistically be implemented within a relatively short time frame.

The Vision Iola planning process involves the citizens of Iola and emphasizes the application of good urban design principles in an effort to improve public health.

The planning process has resulted in a planning document that will be utilized by the City of Iola to specifically guide the City’s physical improvements in three specific areas:

  • A comprehensive signage package with a community identity component
  • A downtown streetscape enhancement plan
  • Park facilities evaluation and park and trails development plans

Vision Iola was a six-month process that will ultimately be a pilot program for other communities of Allen County to help shape their future with the same emphasis on urban design and public health. The Vision Iola team consisted of Thrive Allen County, City of Iola, Landworks Studio, a landscape architecture firm, and involved citizens.

Vision Iola is divided into 3 components:

Vision Iola Components

Vision Iola Meetings and Presentations began in early 2010 and ended in late summer of 2010. Each component followed a streamlined process of public input opportunities, concept development, and deliverables. A web site was created to distribute information and provide interactive feedback.

The resulting document was the Vision Iola Master Document 2010:

Vision Iola Master Document 2010 (click to read full report)

Vision Iola Master Document 2010 (click to read full report)