The Future of
The Mad Bomber Run

January 20, 2017

Thrive Allen County and Allen County Crime Stoppers have been honored to be the organizers of the Charley Melvin Mad Bomber Run For Your Life since its inception in 2009.  The event has grown into the largest 5K in Southeast Kansas and has inspired countless people to make positive changes in their lives.

The Mad Bomber Run has also helped our organizations raise funds to help solve crimes, sponsor community events, and build new programs.  This has all been possible thanks to local residents and businesses who have generously supported the event with contributions of time, talent and treasure, as well as local governments that have provided the logistical support needed to pull off a major event in the middle of the night.

While the Mad Bomber Run has been incredibly meaningful and enjoyable for all the members of the committee, it is also a major undertaking that takes tremendous time and resources from all of us as volunteers, as well as from our respective organizations.  Our committee agrees that it’s time for a change.

The Mad Bomber committee has reached the conclusion that it is time for Thrive and Crime Stoppers to step back to make way for a new organization(s) to step forward to continue the Mad Bomber Run.  This decision is bittersweet, but it has the support of the boards of directors of both Thrive and Crime Stoppers.

The Mad Bomber committee will accept proposals from organizations or businesses interested in assuming responsibility as the organizer(s) of the Mad Bomber Run until February 28, 2017.  Proposals should be emailed to   The organization(s) selected as the organizers will receive all materials owned by the current Mad Bomber committee including equipment, the website ( and all relevant files.

Don’t worry:  everyone on the committee is still around to help guide you and to answer questions!  You won’t be on your own.  We just can’t do the “heavy lifting” we’ve done in the past as the central organizers of the event.

It is time for fresh legs, new ideas, and new energy to take the Mad Bomber Run to new heights.  If the Mad Bomber is important to you, and if you’re looking for a good fundraiser, we hope you and your organization will consider stepping up to take on this exciting challenge!

Questions?  Contact Allen County Crime Stoppers Coordinator Mike Ford at 620.365.4960 or Thrive CEO David Toland at 620.365.8128.