Progress as Promised

Progress as Promised

Progress continues on the redevelopment of the former Allen County Hospital site in Iola.

Supermarket Upsized

In late January G&W Foods announced that they are increasing the size of their new supermarket that will anchor the development from 15,000 to 17,000 square feet. The Allen County Commission agreed to support the proposed site plan submitted by G&W and to provide an additional 4,000 square feet of land to accommodate the increased store size.

Apartment Complex Plans Move Ahead

The residential portion of the redevelopment took a major step forward on January 26 when Iola Industries, Inc. announced that they will exercise their option to purchase the lots surrounding the new G&W Store and the existing Medical Arts Building. Iola Industries is partnering with Springfield, Missouri developer Tom Carlson to develop 20 two-bedroom, market-rate apartment units in Phase I.

Construction Begins Soon

Construction on both the G&W Foods store and Iola Industries apartments is expected to begin in April. The site is currently zoned to permit construction of the supermarket, but must be rezoned to R-3 to allow construction of apartment units. Iola Industries’ application for rezoning is expected to be heard by the Iola Planning Commission on March 16. The rezoning must then be approved by the Iola City Council in order for the apartments to proceed. If approved, and assuming no major weather-related delays, both the G&W Foods and apartments will open this Fall.

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